Romance Is Dead Poem by Ekenedilichukwu Ubah

Romance Is Dead

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Love lies broken hearted
Romance is dead
For he had argued with love
Then put the gun to his head

But love tried to calm him
To ease his pain
But the hammer fell
With a bullet to the brain

For romance was over emotional
He had asked love to dance
But love said she was tired
And told him no chance

So romance danced with rejection
Who whisper to his ear
Rejection smiled coldly
Then she played on his fear

Sge said love was flirting
That love has moved on
There was no chance for romance
When love has gone

So he courted rejection
But rejection was cruel
She laughed at romance
A d called him a fool

His pride felt so wounded
That he started to wollow
Stung by rejectiom
He moved on to sorrow

Sorrow was sweetest
She was glad romance came
But her constant weeping
Drove romance insane

Romance said he was leaving
He rushed out of there
But he ran straight into the
 arms of awaiting despair

She was desperate for romance
So she held him so tight
Lost in the grip of despair
She nearly squeezed out his life

Romance felt so forlon
He pulled out his gun
He screamed if he couldnt have love
Then he wanted no one

He cursed at love
For causing his pain
Then he squeezed the trigger
Putting a bullet to his braim

Love lay there screaming
Cradling his head
But it was to late for love
For romance is dead.

Romance Is Dead
Wednesday, February 19, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: love and friendship
Kingsley Egbukole 19 February 2020

A beautiful poem on love. Interesting reading

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