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My cry is no longer new
My fear is now just few
My thought, I will gladly hew
Dismayed, I lack hearts on the pew

I want to write a poem
But my poem lacks the voice to speak
It lacks sponsors for its beauty

"Groundnut! Groundnut! ! Buy your groundnut! " The voice rang.

Oh! A general is gone
There lies an unripe future

Little girl, who made you?
Who designed the laughing wool on your head?
It has the colour of Africa

You've drown my heart with the ocean of love
You kept it under the spell of your heart
You initiated my fragility into the springs of your agility
My hands can no longer delay to host a smile on your neck

My story is gory
It is not in hurry
It is in the air we breathe

I'm that name
That knew sores
One whose system
Pipes hunger

Somewhere in Uwah
Righteous tears chorus at night
From eyes whose existence
Was made a crime by dust

From the aching gullet of Africa
The wind protests
In clear accents
Against the footprints of inhumanity in Africa

Even yesterday
You stole my sweat
You deflowered it
Despite the plea at bay

Waking up to the greetings of the birds
I peered through my window
To find the Malaysian bird
Singing my praises

The laugh that laughed in my womb
My hope
My pride's custodian

This is the lady that raped me of happiness
She stabbed the joy I stole from my mother's womb
She dismembered my heart
Leaving me to the sweet breeze of pity

Pendant of hope
Thou whose eyes
Ignites the heart
Whose sight

Daddy, thank you for making us blacks
Thank you for black is not lack
Neither does it depict a crack

God show me your face
I want to draw it
Show me the colour of your hairs
I want to know it

Sip from my jar
The juice of life
Sip from it
The opium of wonders

Hahaha If to say I be president
I go carry my house go London
I go build anoda one make in face Washington DC

I dreamt of that seat
The alcohol our bigwigs drink
Its sweet odour charms
And breaks the mended soul


Can I steal her heart
Without talking to her eyes?
Can I touch the vibrant cheek
Without holding her hands?

Ekwueme Kelechi Biography

Ekwueme Kelechi is a final year student of Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University, formerly, Anambra State University. He is a poet, writer. He seeks to reconcile the literary world with his world and also to affect lives positively with his pen. His unpublished works have won him prizes severally. Some of his works like THE DEATH OF MAN and CHUKWUDI: MY PRIDE are already asleep on the bed of publication and will be woken up at the beginning of 2018. He hails from Ohaji-Egbema in Imo State but spent 17 years of his life in Orlu, his maternal home.)

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Kiss Your Heart

My cry is no longer new
My fear is now just few
My thought, I will gladly hew
Dismayed, I lack hearts on the pew

I am that child who weeps for the future
I am he whose soul has been abandoned by pleasure
I think about my heights with mixture
My eyes shows me their fate like a picture

Even the nature all over me is alarmed
It's afraid to let go of its coil
It's afraid to alloy with the soil
It's tired of meeting brother red

My ears are too weak to see any teeth
My tears are bedridden
They only shine through my Pupil
My hand is infertile that it married my cheek

The dimples of gladness is a history
The world is now a factory
Can things ever glitter again?
Can life be Edenic again?

Even hope has joined the bandwagon
Can't you see it?
It has joined the table of fallen Jericho's wall
Will Messiah ever come with solution?



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He that fertilizes the farm with the anus' vomit, invites the housefly for a feast.

Smile is the blanket of all pains, the outfit of the heart.

Love is the hammer that hammers the hammerer

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Ekwueme Kelechi Popularity

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