Ekwueme Kelechi

Veteran Poet - 1,708 Points [Ekwueme Kc] (Imo State.)

Ekwueme Kelechi Poems

1. Onawandah 1/8/2018
2. Air, I Hear Thy Tidings: 1/9/2018
3. Libya; The Trade Beyond Africa 1/9/2018
4. This Precious Prime 1/9/2018
5. The Malaysian Bird 1/10/2018
6. Echioma, My Precious Queen 1/10/2018
7. Christmas 1/10/2018
8. Pendant Of Good 1/10/2018
9. To Papa: 12 Stanzas With Three Lines 1/10/2018
10. God Gong Your Voice 1/10/2018
11. Black Man White God 1/10/2018
12. If To Say I Be President 1/10/2018
13. I Dreamt 1/10/2018
14. Girim 1/10/2018
15. Love 1/10/2018
16. My Love 1/10/2018
17. The Victims 1/10/2018
18. Civilization Is Desecration 1/14/2018
19. In Benue, Nigeria Died. 1/19/2018
20. Tethani 2/7/2018
21. Mother's State 2/8/2018
22. The Chariots Of Troy 2/8/2018
23. An Apology To Mother 2/8/2018
24. Rhymes 2/14/2018
25. Adisa 2/14/2018
26. Quick Receiving Ministry 2/16/2018
27. Agape 2/19/2018
28. I Will Mould You 2/20/2018
29. For Soon, I Shall Marry Nkem 2/20/2018
30. The Lady Who Desecrated My Name: 3/9/2018
31. I Will Do It For Love 3/13/2018
32. The Lines Of Poetry 3/13/2018
33. Africa Will Rise Again 3/13/2018
34. Before The Shadow Of Africa 3/20/2018
35. I Am A Dead Man 3/28/2018
36. The Pride Of My Fathers 4/3/2018
37. Africa Is Beauty 4/4/2018
38. A Message To Mandela 4/6/2018
39. Strike Not Jide 4/6/2018
40. For The Sake Of Sharibu 4/14/2018

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Best Poem of Ekwueme Kelechi

Stanzas From A Contract Worker.

I want to write a poem
But my poem lacks the voice to speak
It lacks sponsors for its beauty

I want to write a poem
But my poem hovers around the earth
And I lack the tool to hack it down

My poem is a bird of many colours
It is in those tears that drive down the eyes
It is found in the feelings that slap the heart

My poem is a moving truck
Intruding places out of bound
It is in justice which sleeps in the tomb of injustice

My poem is in that creature rendered without agency
It is in that cry seeking for freedom
Both at the altar and ...

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We Once Had A Leader

"Groundnut! Groundnut! ! Buy your groundnut! " The voice rang.

Oh! A general is gone
There lies an unripe future
The cruelty of human heart

There lies the precious blood of Africa
The one that once irrigated the farm
Snatched away by the cold hands of death

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