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Eleven Lin Poems

1. The Sound Of The Heart 9/13/2012
2. The Waterdrops 9/13/2012
3. The Ark 9/13/2012
4. The Liquidized Fire 9/13/2012
5. Dream Within A Dream 9/13/2012
6. The Other Shore 9/13/2012
7. Hear The Wind Sing 9/13/2012
8. The Clear Sky 9/13/2012
9. The Moment 9/13/2012
10. The Requiem 9/13/2012
11. Red Street, Blue Tower 9/13/2012
12. Innocent Days 9/24/2012
13. Blood Brothers 9/24/2012
14. The Missing Of Teeth 9/24/2012
15. Balloon 9/24/2012
16. The Mirror Of Memory 9/24/2012
17. The Beauty In A Thousand Years 9/24/2012
18. Double Fantasy 7/16/2013
19. The Journey 7/16/2013
20. Walking Alone In The Dark 12/15/2015
21. The Left Eye And The Right Eye 12/20/2015
22. Fire And Ice 12/20/2015
23. Body And Soul 12/20/2015
24. Satrless Night 12/20/2015
25. The Toy Shop 12/20/2015
26. 彼岸 12/21/2015
27. From Me To You 2/19/2016
28. 无题 No Title 2/19/2016
29. An Early Summer's Dream 9/24/2012
30. All Men Need To Sleep 10/23/2012
31. My Heart Leaps Up 9/24/2012
32. November Eulogy 7/16/2013

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Best Poem of Eleven Lin

November Eulogy

In the bustling street where the snow is falling,
Broken hearts are changed into vapour floating.
A cold night depicts a moon even colder,
And coins drop silently into the hand of the loner.

At the cross road of life alone I stand.
Which way should I take I do not understand.
The lost dreams will vanish when the winds blow.
They are all hidden in the silver wings of snow.

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The Sound Of The Heart

The world will never stop revolving.
What stops is the sound of the heart.
But does the heart has a sound?
Lub-dub, lub-dub!
But are they the real sound of the heart?
Lub-dub, lub-dub!
I don't have a clue.
So I turn to ask the stars
With a humble heart.

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