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Basket Of Figs

Bring me your pain, love. Spread
it out like fine rugs, silk sashes,
warm eggs, cinnamon
and cloves in burlap sacks. Show me

Waiting For Rain

Finally, morning. This loneliness
feels more ordinary in the light, more like my face

Dead Butterfly

For months my daughter carried
a dead monarch in a quart mason jar.
To and from school in her backpack,

Eating The Bones

The women in my family
strip the succulent


Bad things are going to happen.
Your tomatoes will grow a fungus
and your cat will get run over.
Someone will leave the bag with the ice cream

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ellen gilman 04 May 2019

Both of my children are celebrating wedding anniversaries in the next two weeks. I'm sending the older couple GATE C22 and the younger couple THE MORNING AFTER because I can't think of anything more gorgeous to give them. I adore your poems! ! ! Thank you.

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Ellen Bass (born 1947, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) is an American poet and co-author of The Courage to Heal.
She grew up in Margate City, NJ, where her parents owned a liquor store. She attended Goucher College, where she graduated magna cum laude in 1968 with her bachelor’s degree. She pursued a master’s degree at Boston University, where she stu ...

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