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Soon to be a teacher
I would truly appreciate people to comment for my enhancement. :)

xoxo: * < 3

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Fearlessly Facing 2017

All the heartaches and pain,
the tears and despair,
stuck mournfully in my brain,
thus I won't care.

The Breath Of Lonesomeness

She was in the midst of a lonesome moment,
When she remembers everything.
The glimpse of his face, his warm embrace,
They all haunt her now, after her, they chase.


You killed me inside,
but I won't deny,
it made me more alive.


I was an alien in his world;
a no-beauty to behold,
random story untold-
made both of our worlds so cold.

Love? Terrible!

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Siddartha Montik 30 December 2016

be, alert in this, World! !

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Jeanette Gerstmyer 30 December 2016

Hi Lorai! I have read all your poems. They're remarkable! I truly enjoyed reading them all. Keep on writing my dear, there's certainly the poet in you! Thank you so much for sharing that wonderful God-given gift! :)

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