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Worked as Scientist/Engineer at ISRO (Indian Space Research organization) for 16 Years. Later Studied 2 Masters in Germany and including S.A.P at Heidelberg and Masters in Geo-Information Science at TU-Berlin!

Dear all you poets,

who ever read my poems/ prose (factually I am not a real poet, but just spill my feelings as a human, I ...

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Wandering Breaths

I seem to have lost my lamp
during the night of wandering breaths.

I didn't know where I was when I woke-up,

Of Barren Lands And Deserts! !

seems like I am getting drawn to
the beauty of barren lands and the deserts,

as fiercely as I go in my best efforts

Still A Beauty!

Twist your lips.. twitch your eye-brows,
still you are a beauty!

change your mind.. and be as adamant, .

Your Attention God! ! !

Hope you, You God, that you remember you made us Humans,
like all creatures and mammals!

We Humans so, yet, left the Path of Nature Some where,


..the big WOMB!

Yes Women here in life have those Sacred wombs to give the Birth,

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16 November 2016

'the Greatest Trait of Nature is that it never fails balance itself.., and at every second!

21 November 2016

God not Discouraged! Every child that comes into this world, is an indication, that, God is not yet discouraged of man. but with a message 'stay innocent! and, in tune with the Nature! '

25 November 2016

'...the Best and the Most beautiful Things can not be seen or even touched, they must only be felt by Heart '

01 December 2016

While it is said, 'Invention of the 'wheel' accelerated the human civilization, it also decelerated... the Human advancemmemt in spiritual awareness amd progress!

01 December 2016

For one to realize that he/She knows very little, he/she must know a LOT!

Siddartha Montik Comments

Kumar 20 November 2017

Sir w r u u r what is poem

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Landsley Alexandre 08 November 2009

I love still a beauty it is a great poem

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John I Nash 08 February 2017

I have read all of the poems of Siddartha Montik. I rarely make comments about other poets, as I feel that my small attempts at writing can not compare to most of the poets on this site. Siddartha's poems make a connection with the reader that is rarely found, the poems are profound yet entertaining, in short they make you feel good and can teach you something about life and it's struggles. Thank you for sharing your talent with us. John I Nash

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Darlan M Cunha 06 January 2017

What a nice poem: Wandering breaths. For example: [...] for you are sure to find yourself someday'! Thank you so much. Happy 2017. Darlan M Cunha

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Randhir Kaur 22 December 2016

Nothing is more beautiful the heart which is full of passion. Respected poet is of intense passion towards poetry and hardships that he faced it as he wandered. He is a person with warm heart and impressive gestures. Talking about literature, Oh how beautifully his pen flows and creates a magic. Very touching and precise poetry he composes. I conclude here by saying that I am overwhelmed by his actions. His personality and style. It's an honour and pleasure to read your poems Sir. Hope you had a great day. My deep wishes, care and respect. Greetings and smiles sent from Jorhat, Assam, India.

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Unknown 13 February 2020

He's in very bad condition, he's on streets.

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sdvsvds 27 January 2020

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Aslam 10 December 2019

This man is infrent of me what should I say I cant understand he is very sick and poor God blessed him ??

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Hamed 20 November 2019

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Farhan 16 November 2019

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