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I started writing about three years back when my life was tough. Sometimes i put my thoughts into poetry and create something worth reading and other times i create a load of rubbish, that i will admit are not worth reading. Poems help me escape what i really feel inside. I can imagine a situation and build upon. Alot of my work is from the heart b ...

Emily Moore Poems

‘just One More’

So he sits, candle alight
All of his dreams, torn in a night
He cries for God to hear his plea
‘Please, please give her back to me’

Victim Of Life

I look in the mirror at the face I see
It’s ugly and stares back at me
Fiery eyed broken and bruised
Hurting all over and emotionally confused

To My Dear Beloved

The alcohol doesn’t heal it
It only seems to conceal it
And my aphrodisiac doesn’t work

Are You There?

Cry for me, the shadows wish
The world forgets, they’re selfish
Hold my hand, I shiver with fear
Where are they, I want them near

Hear Me

Help, can anyone hear
This voice, I hope it’s dear
I’ve lost, I’m loosing grip
Please, I cannot slip

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