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sometimes we feel nothing but pain,
sometimes we just want to look at the stars and ask our fate.

No one to shield him from all the rain

No one to nurse his pain


My bread was anguish and my water tears, at least the rich get to suffer in comfort

I have a dream
It always comes with the morning dew
While on my lonely bed I lie
I only dream them, I alone

I got my smile back
I lost it to pain.
I hid it in the emoji when I told you I was doing fine.
The mirror told me I was perfect, and I needed no refill

I was tired of confessing,
The clergy was tired of listening to them too,
I kept trying to stop,
And it kept fighting to stop me,


I'm so blinded by your beauty,

What shall I call thee maybe Alora,


Santa is coming your way,
The silent night seem near again.

Why do sinners judge sinners for sinning differently?

Why do hypocrite stone hypocrites?
Seeing the flaw in another while ignoring the obvious I'll in their lives.

Golden Melanie,
BLACK is brave,
BLACK Is elegant,

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Emmanuel jachimike Ezendu is a Nigerian poet, song and content writer born in the late 1990s He is highly respected for his realistic portrayal of mind piecing poems. His work frequently took settings from rural life in Nigeria, A popular poet, Emmanuel has been widely honored throughout his life in different social media handles and by friends and fans too.)

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sometimes we feel nothing but pain,
sometimes we just want to look at the stars and ask our fate.

sometimes we wonder if our frail prayers find its way to heaven.

Sometimes we wish we could ease the doleful thought on our mind and drop off the burden on our shoulder on the walkway never to have them again.

sometimes we have those frantic nights where we lie awake taking thought on the struggles that will begin at Dawn.

Sometimes we wish time could be frozen to redress and revise our ill ways.

sometimes our trust is broken and littered and we never wish to trust again.

Sometimes we wish we could go back to being kids not because we wanna play in the snow, but because life hits hard on every path we go.

Emmanuel J Ezendu
(Pristine writer)

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profanity is a brutal vice, he who uses it is no gentle man.

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