Emmanuel Katto Poems

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Emmanuel Katto | The Ballad Of Chevy Chase

‘Tell me whose men ye are, ' he says,
‘Or whose men that ye be;
Who gave you leave in this Cheviot chase
In the spite of mine and of me? '

Emmanuel Katto | One Brief Moment

Look...See how long nights are drawing in.
Dreary birdsong gradually abates -
Opaque dusk grows dim;
And just outside the creaky little garden

Hand Of Winter - Emmanuel Katto Uganda

coconut pulp snow spots on the brown wilted meadow
as feet soak in the chestnut boots sinking in the onyx soil

I listen for the rosewood calls of the red-winged blackbirds

F L I C K E R - Emmanuel Katto Uganda

it's another day and the sun decides to sleep in

the hidden hazel lost in her eyes, hanging by a moment


I've been trying to write some darkness
but there's a junco on my shoulder
so just when the shadows start to bend,
like snakes along a shaken earth

Spreading The Pollen Of Peace - Emka Emmanuel Katto

Sweet balcony boxwoods stand tall, dressed for a party,
exploding in feathery blooms, a bajillion stamens
loosing pollen to ride a rough morning wind
to the farthest end of our valley. More

Hard Pass | Emmanuel Katto Uganda

There are a tearfull of towns
driving a deep-seated hide by
at a full five over the posted.

Friends In The Shadows | Emmanuel Katto

In the shadows of the night,
When sorrow tries to take its might.
My friends are like shining beacons,
Erasing my pain and my demons.

Mystery | Emmanuel Katto


Appearing as

Success In Life

In life's journey, pursuit of dreams,
Success gleams in determined streams.
With grit and courage, we strive high,
On wings of effort, we touch the sky.

Error Success