Emmanuel Oladipupo Poems

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With Me

Come down with me to Jerusalem
Come down with me to the fenced city
Come down with me to the place of refuge
Let us find for our soul a resting place.


When the sea rises above all hope
Drifting high and low to back and forth
Hailing storm and wind in mighty current
Stand strong, the night is almost over.

Roses Of Babylon

That thou will turn away thy wrath
And turn thy arrow of anger from me
That thou will deliver my bones from hurt
And lessen thy vengeance and fury on me.


As long as the sun continues to rain
And the rain thoughtlessly continues to sun,
Tell the father not to let go of his reign
So as to reshape and chastise his son.

Limit Line

I, as a rider, I ride
Up mountains in haste I go
I know not yonder I go
Yet, as a rider, I ride.

The Inspiration

To the mountains, the mountains
From this ground we fly, we fly
To feel the air of the towering rock
And see the world as a tiny one.


Let the king of the ancient days
Unto us give the gentle whispers,
Guiding us through the worldly haze
By seeing lights of the here after.

Dreamer's Dream

I'll lay on my bed to dream again
Of that faraway land beyond
Where many say promises lay
I'll sleep to dream again