Adrian Jascha Tetzlaff Poems

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The Beginning Of The End: the Requiem Of My Dreams

Chapter 1: Spring

A new start, way to express my feelings, stoned plated heart,

Filling Up My Bath Again: face

My face hidden, it has no structure anymore,
You won't find any missing parts; shapeless, it lost its purpose, the lore.

My lips disappeared, used by a traitor, my person, luster of greed,

Filling Up My Bath Again: skeleton

Am I worthy? Dissonant words, rejoinder it quickly,
My privilege of greediness, a pot of tears,

Showing off your burned skin, cataclysmic, we swam, the daydreams.

Filling Up My Bath Again: sounds Of One Flower

A soulless meadow, the grass almost completely dried,
No trace of life if it were not for a flower.

A crippled flower, disfigured by its past and environment,

Filling Up My Bath Again: cursed Art

A shadow, many interpretations
A sign of darkness, the unknown,
A place to escape the heat as a trait, cold
A venue where you shouldn't live in but worshipped as a savior at the same time too

Mother's Feathers: black Balloons

Pale, tiny, skinny legs carrying me while viewing the holy sea.
Standing here, the gray landside, smooth vicinity not a single tree.

Lips still moist as I observe the moving skyline,

Mother's Feathers: red Moonlight

A rainy day, a moody sky, a shattering lantern, tears in his eyes.
A silhouette of my loved one, steps of a bold one, keeping alive,
The red shining moonlight.

Mother's Feathers: marion Eve

Marion Eve

Forgotten: happy Scene

It's glorious
this path never ending, so narrow
I'm smiling big
heat feels so cold,

Forgotten: (No Name For It Currently)

An innocent children, held in the past, terrified it seems (Day and Night)
Life's circling over as the sorrowness was shown in these dreams

It's forbidden brining back sacred memory's,

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