Mother's Feathers: marion Eve Poem by Adrian Jascha Tetzlaff

Mother's Feathers: marion Eve

Marion Eve

A white corset, so purified and clear, a loved white rose.
She lived in a never-dissolving blooming nature, hauled me, presence, swayed away my tears.
The river, a tranquility place, my body lives in harmony while you're so close.
Seeing you, release from my burdens, not anymore, a life with fear.

This is your clear aspiration, always meant to be,
She is named, my angel, Marion Eve.

Thy gift, your hair, golden, long wonderful shine.
Thy world was a too pitiful place, your heart in my indebted hand,
A sweet small, young face, granted with gorgeous blue eyes.
This place was not for your kind, red lips, my fretted demand.

Your beautiful purpose, a lucky faith meant to be,
Rarely heard name, she is Marion Eve.

Surely, can say my feelings were taken away,
It's your fault didn't plan drifting my whole life for you.
Nothing negative, you snatched the branches which covered my light.
I'm serious till this day, focus was not anymore written in signs.

But you made the impossible reachable for me,
Sharing emotions, what would I do without you, Marion Eve.

Spied, I bravely listened to the disintegrating nature,
Chaotic, truly a wild tornado, harmful danger.
I was scared for your kind, we both live in a broken demise,
Their ugly, greedy face,
It's not okay,
They caught you in a treadmill full of pain.

Your parents normally acted in equity,
Hands turned to sand,
The air strict, like a sack with a rope bundled up tightly,
Oh wonderful never-ending land.

I'm sorry your portrait broke apart,
Still searching for the image pieces in thy dark.

Because you're my inner peace,
My missing piece, Marion Eve.

Stories about you, catching my breath, who let my brain stay unconscious.
It needs to be true, your soul can't be in despair, ferocious.
Myself, never experienced the hideous love, which we get told.
Tomorrow is the birth of our own spoken words, anxious about it.
Can I resist against your heat when my heart is so cold?
Or will it end in a repugnant morbidness, turning me into a black bird?

Question after question which keeps my pressure sane,
Prepared everything, there is no possibility you would run away.

Because you feel the same love that I experience with you, me.
You will understand me better, Marion Eve.

I'm sorry, Marion Eve, for spreading mud on your corset,
Thought of spending our time quiet, near the river, hand in hand.
Marion Eve, you need to do something, impolite you know how to act,
Don't lose your lovely smile!

I'm begging you, my life wasn't that easy, stop, stop it,
Don't let the diamonds prickle in little part which I can't replace.
It's my fault, I already got sacrificed,
I'm being forced to live in this cabin where nullity is over the dark.
Please just one time, just one second, Marion, fill my heart,
Please don't fade, just lighten up, lighten up this room of my enviousness with your hand.

The reality now becomes visible, my eyes blessed with a last look besides the river,
A romantic end, the floating body stops to shiver.

Tuesday, May 28, 2024
Topic(s) of this poem: poem,poems,dark,melancholic,psychological
from Chapter 1 part 2.2
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