enjy yaken Poems

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I Hate U

you know what i hate
i hate the way you laugh
i hate the way you touch
i hate that you don't say too much

I Miss You

i miss you
miss when you're here
miss when you're near
miss when you say i love you clear

I'M Sorry

i'm sorry that i missed you
i'm sorry that i loved you
i'm sorry that i kissed you

One More Tear

not a big deal
just one more tear

you were just a lie

So Lost

i'm so lost i'm so confused
there's always something to lose
(1) the guy i wanted i trusted i loved
(2) or the guy i believed and i liked

Don'T Worry

Don’t worry, you’ll be fine
No matter what your troubles are
Don’t worry, you’ll be okay
All this pain will go away

Being Me

i'm so tired of being me
being so lonely everyday
always lost can't find my way
feeling alone

The Truth

i used to tell you 'it's over'
every week and every day
but i never knew that the thought of losing you
would cause me such a pain

The Way

oh i still remember
the way you hug
the way you touch
the way you say i love u so much

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