Ephelia Poems

To My Rival.

Since you dare Brave me, with a Rival's Name,
You shall prevail, and I will quit my Claim:
For know, proud Maid, I Scorn to call him mine,

First Farewell To J.G.

Farewell my dearer half, joy of my heart,
Heaven only knows how loath I am to part:
Whole Months but hours seem, when you are here,

Love's First Approach.

I saw, and started at the sight,
And interchangeably looked red and white;
I felt my Blood run swiftly to my heart,

Wealth's Power.

How Happy was the World before men found
Those metals, Nature hid beneath the Ground!
All Necessary things She placed in View,

The Twin Flame.

Fantastic, wanton God, what dost thou mean
To break my Rest? make me grow pale and lean,
And offer Sighs, and yet not know to who,

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