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Today's Fascism

Fascism started as a rebellion against the government!
Antifa started as a rebellion against the government!

One day we're truly loving each other!
The next day we're hating each other!
One day we're wanting, and trying to kill one another!
One day we're each other's top priority!

She's my fantastic boo baby!
She's my favorite woo baby!
She's my enigmatic choo-choo baby!
She's my best friend cue baby!

Won't you be my Tiffany?
I will be your Charles Lee Ray, AKA Chucky!
Won't you be my Harley Quinn?
I will be your Joker!

Won't you be my Moon Goddess?
Won't you be my keeper, and controller of the tides?
Won't you be my keeper, and controller of Night?
Won't you be my keeper, and ultimate time calculator, and mathmathic deriver?

Won't you be my Sun Goddess?
Won't you be my Light-bearer?
Won't you be my Life-Bringer?
Won't you be my Life-Sustainer?

What Wasted Wastes!

Wasted debates
Wasted dialogues

Reflections Of His Childhood Regression!

His parents
brought him up as a Christian, religiously as a boy

Makenzie Lynn Shelman!

Makenzie Lynn Shelman
is a six year old girl

They're Using Their Race Cards!

Remember when all different immigrant races of mankind fled to The First Thirteen Colonies of the United States of America, looking for a better life and to live the American Dream, as well!
Remember that each race of mankind that came over here, all came for different reasons, some were miscreants, criminals, debtors, and etcetera, of Europe, and every other country, as well!

They're Taking Away Our First Amendment Freedoms!

Remember when the First Amendment of our Constitution, actually meant precisely what it says, "Congress will make no law respecting establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise there of, or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press, or the right of people to peacefully assemble and to petition the Government, redress of grievances."
Remember when the Government, used to adhere, the freedoms of our First Amendment, before they decided to start intervening by telling us what we can think, say, and not say, do, and not do because it might be too triggerable, too offensive, too radical, too racist, too sexist, too prejudice, have too much bigotry in it, too homophobic, too transphobic, too xenophobic,too supremacist, too nationalist, too Fascist, too Communist, too Liberal, too Democratic, too Republican, too Libertarian, too Conservative, too Anarchist, too Authoritative, too Totalitarian, too Christian, too Atheistic, too Agnostic, too Theological, too Buddhist, too Hinduist, too Pagan, too Wiccan, too Philosophical, too long, too short, too destructive, too blasphemous, too heretical, too sacrilegous, too raunchy, too far-fetched, too racey, too sexually explicit, too perverted, has too much sexual innuedos in it, be too vulgar, be too obscene, be too obscure, be too adsurd, be too uncoulth, be too unconventional, be too lewd, be too laudy, be too upfront, be too blunt, be too gaudy, be too extremist, and everything else that is too politically incorrect, to anyone who can't comprehend a joke, an opinion, a fiction, a fictitious-fact, or even a known fact, but not an extremely unpopular one, by the masses!

Are We Here To...

Are we here to exist?
Are we here to resist?

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Today's Fascism!

Today's Fascism

Fascism started as a rebellion against the government!
Antifa started as a rebellion against the government!
Fascism became an organized group with governing rule!
Antifa became an organized group with rules!
Fascism governs by violence!
Antifa governs by violence!
Fascism became pro-government by force!
Antifa wants pro-government by force!
Fascism is defined by Benito Mussolini and Giovanni Gentile!
Fascism is defined by Antifa!
Antifa is Fascist by their definition!
Mussolini's, and Gentile's definition!
Fascism is alive and well today through Antifa!

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