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1. Love Note To You 11/17/2008
2. He Cares 11/20/2008
3. Away 11/30/2008
4. Rewind The Time 12/1/2008
5. Fighting 11/10/2008
6. Be There 12/14/2008
7. Thinking Of You. 1/27/2009
8. Evil 11/17/2008
9. Just Let Me Be 12/14/2008
10. Keep Those Doors Closed 11/3/2008
11. All A Lie 11/3/2008
12. Adore 11/4/2008
13. Touch 11/4/2008
14. I Miss You 11/3/2008
15. Life's Not A Fairy Tale 11/3/2008
16. I Love You 11/3/2008
17. -sick- 11/4/2008

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The bridge is collapsing,
im lossing my grip,
I can't hold on anymore,
I'm just getting sick,

Sick of your face,
Sick of your voice,
Sick of all these people who think they know,
No one can really understand,
I'm so sick,
Im sick of you,

I try not to look at your face,
it's haunting me,
I'm Sick of the ways,
The ways things were ment to be,
Sick of holding all the feelings inside,
I'm so sick of being happy for people,
When they don't even care,
Im just sick of you,

And one day,
Your going to need me, ...

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Life's Not A Fairy Tale

Maybe this world is ment to be this way,
Even though it hurts,
We all have to go threw the burns,
You don’t deserve any of this,
As much as I do,
Lets defeat the world,
We can take it all on,

We don’t have to do this alone,

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