Ernesto Torres

Ernesto Torres Poems

1. Not Enough Time 5/9/2012
2. The Shatters Of Hope 5/9/2012
3. Blood! 5/9/2012
4. Eternal Sleep 5/9/2012
5. Greed 5/9/2012
6. Silence 5/9/2012
7. Screaming 5/9/2012
8. Unknown 5/11/2012
9. Suicide Is The Only Escape 5/11/2012
10. Suicide In September 5/11/2012
11. Who I Am 5/11/2012
12. Forgive Me 5/11/2012
13. Here 5/11/2012
14. Red Ink 5/11/2012
15. Asylum 5/11/2012
16. No More, No Less 5/17/2012
17. Oh Sweet Sound 5/17/2012
18. Last Breath 5/17/2012
19. A Lie 5/17/2012
20. The Dream 5/17/2012
21. Falling 5/18/2012
22. Clouds 5/18/2012
23. Those Bloodshot Eyes 5/17/2012
Best Poem of Ernesto Torres

Those Bloodshot Eyes

My breathing was labored
and my saliva was blood flavored
coming from deep in my through
staying away from the battle being fought

I was hiding in a closet
In a torn apart building
in a kitchen next to a fuaset
then there was a explosion that left my ear ringing

It was a suffocating dark
and all that was heard was a bark
from those German dogs
that followed my scent through the fog

Every once in a while
i heard a scream, closer than a mile
then a gunshot
furthering there evil plot.

There is a terrible banging
and again the ...

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The Shatters Of Hope

Hope is a lucid dream
something that seems
so close touch,
but it burns so much

It burns deep inside
to know its so far
like a receding tide
sneaking away away so afar

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