Estrella Resendez Poems

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My Death Angel

My angel came to save me from my dieing death. I saw her bright light awaken nature as she lifted me off the ground into her welcoming arms.Lifting my spirit into the clouds. The dark dream, the pain, and the evil is what i have escaped. She sang as she carried me to the clouds.

She is my death angel... but as i looked closer she seemed familiar. I blinked once to realize that she was myself. I have come to rescue me and have finally learned to trust thee. The truth was irresistibly real as i surrendered to the powers of life. I had an angel in me and she sings because shes free from my dieing and unbearable insides. i smile as i become ready for my new beginning.


Goodbye goodbye
I do not lie
When I say this is my final goodbye
We once held one to something so pure


I talk to the wind
I listen to stories from the raindrops
I know just what to say to make them happy
But I was ignoring my own pain and look....


The shape, imprinted by each crater
So perfectly made by its creator
The glisten so white and bright
Gives inspiration all through the night

My Lover

Our hatred that flared is gone,
Now its only flowers that grows upon this lawn.
We switched our anger with love,
Now neither of us push or shove.

Internally Bleed

You'll hold on tight while she squeezes out your soul
You'll never know,
She took control
You follow her persuasive words that keep you on this leash

Midnightes Lullaby

As i lay to sleep, i listen carefully
for the song hidden deep.
The one only night brings
I listen to nights voice

Not Here

your not here to say i forgive you
or talk me through my hardest nights
your not here to make your promise come true
the words i held onto when life shut down my lights

Unforgiving Me

i let the earth crumble
i let the rocks tumble
i let the love shatter
i let you act like it doesn't matter

I Wait

you took the life you took the love
and i forgive.
you took sorrow you took the pain
and i thank.

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