1. Ode To The Highest 6/30/2015
2. The Bottle Is No Cure 10/8/2015
3. The Ripper 10/14/2015
4. Never And Forever 12/2/2015
5. A Son's Concern 12/6/2015
6. Jane Lamar 6/7/2015
7. The Sonnets As God 5/19/2016
8. Man Needs God 6/5/2016
9. Patience 6/16/2016
10. Mystery Of The Pen 6/30/2016
11. Before You Self Destruct 7/18/2016
12. Yesterday 8/8/2017
13. Scare Scroll 8/8/2017
14. The Color White 5/14/2016
15. Knowledge Has Made Us Fools 8/8/2017
16. When Old Age Calls 3/9/2016
17. 9 Months Old 6/8/2016
18. Anadiplosis Of Life 6/7/2015
19. Hope 5/13/2016
Best Poem of EZEKIEL MAU


Hope! Is the flight of
a wingless man
It is the light that brightens
the deepest night
When the moon light brings
a mare
And the morning beacons fear
This for you I plead,
have HOPE! !

When for you the world
its back turned
And the last bridge
to yonder greenland is burnt.
While the energy that gives a quell
is stocked.
This for you I plead,
have HOPE! !

Hope is free!
Hope is free! !
It needs no ticket to join
its fleet
Hope is free!
Yess! ! so free!
T'wil for you become a bridge.

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Ode To The Highest

At first, I go numb.
Dare I ponder the SUN
Whose paths are far fetched
And can never to a sum bring
The beauties of his bliss

Dwelling in a city, were the fairest shadow is exilled.
Surrounded by incomparable frangrance of glory
In whose hands, dwell the pow'r of demise

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