1. Ode To The Highest 6/30/2015
2. The Bottle Is No Cure 10/8/2015
3. The Ripper 10/14/2015
4. Never And Forever 12/2/2015
5. A Son's Concern 12/6/2015
6. Jane Lamar 6/7/2015
7. The Sonnets As God 5/19/2016
8. Man Needs God 6/5/2016
9. Patience 6/16/2016
10. Mystery Of The Pen 6/30/2016
11. Before You Self Destruct 7/18/2016
12. Yesterday 8/8/2017
13. Scare Crolls 8/8/2017
14. The Color White 5/14/2016
15. When Old Age Calls 3/9/2016
16. 9 Months Old 6/8/2016
17. Anadiplosis Of Life 6/7/2015
18. Knowledge Has Made Us Fools 8/8/2017
19. Hope 5/13/2016

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Best Poem of EZEKIEL MAU


Hope! Is the flight of
a wingless man
It is the light that brightens
the deepest night
When the moon light brings
a mare
And the morning beacons fear
This for you I plead,
have HOPE! !

When for you the world
its back turned
And the last bridge
to yonder greenland is burnt.
While the energy that gives a quell
is stocked.
This for you I plead,
have HOPE! !

Hope is free!
Hope is free! !
It needs no ticket to join
its fleet
Hope is free!
Yess! ! so free!
T'wil for you become a bridge.

Bringing ...

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Anadiplosis Of Life

What is man?
but a tool to fulfil the heavens.
Heaven that is so far from his reach
Reaching for him is out of his mind
Mind that is so frail and careful
Careful what you wish for
For what is man? But human
Human till the day he dies
Die! ! For such is life

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