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People Of Palestine! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
Once upon a time there lived a country so free
Everything was peaceful but you can’t see
People came and claimed this land as theirs
So seeing a happy face is very rare
Beating Global Warming
Will power is all it takes
to brighten up someone's day
cuz, pollute pollute is that all you can do
your killing the world we are all used to.....
More Than Words Cannot Explain (What I Feel)
this love that we have it is so strong
its a good thing we know where we both belong
i was lovesick you were above it we were the couple no one could mess wit
you did your thing and i did mine but whenever i needed you,
do you feel the way i do?
are you telling a lie or saying what's true?
do you go day thru day feelin blue?
feelin stepped on, walked on, lied to?
Somalia Forever My Country
my heart goes out to my country
somalia thats her name
watever thats happening there let me assure you
it aint a game
Moving On.....
whats a family without
what is faith without
whom from
Destoyed Dreams
let me introduce you to my freind trey james wanted to what he could 2 end up in fame sky waz the limit for this young man srry to say trey had a bad day

it started out with his freinds they werent good enough so he found another group they was doing stuff to drown away all the pain, either pop, sniff watever he could getting wasted like they knew he should.
Fame and college didnt matter anymore just when he was gonna get his next dose at the corner of the drug store soon enough trey caught up with the game wasnt a fame game but a lame game
truthfully sahaam
u really have to go........man
i know our first encounter wasnt good but you treated me like the friend you know i could be, should be and will be
people say things that they wont do but what you say is 100% true
Great Minds
what lies in you, you will never know
you have many great things for you to show
the world might not understand you
you and your gifts
a dream could be a wish come true
be sure to know what you want to do
Your life is in Your hands You control it
dont let no one take ahold of it

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