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I plunged forward feet first
as though born a rebel
I've crawled along

It's always nice
To hear I'm missed
By he, whose lips
My lips have kissed

Such a wonderful thing
To behold
The little flower
Poking out

I'll take my secrets to my grave
keep them deeply tucked away
some things are better kept that way
to never see the light of day

She (Ice Mermaiden And Queen Of The Sea)
She was born and raised
Off of the icy waters of Antarctica
Groomed to be the Ice mermaiden queen

I cried for you this morning
When I heard that Zoey passed
But she knows how much you loved her
Gave her all a dog could ever ask

A gathering of wicked witches
Armed with a multitude of heavy switches
Rose expertly to the occasion
Of the most despicable persuasion

She is a pretty, pretty girl
Adored by all the neighborhood boys
She's a very tricky child
Living in her own chaotic world

If you want it
It is most certainly
Yours if you
Request it

It's the little things
That move me the most
Like little kitty cats
And flowers sprouting

A nation once united is now divided
With a presidential election still undecided
Claims that it was rigged are reigning high

and so
the man came and told
the frightened woman
of her husband's demise

Faith Brigham Biography

Faith Elizabeth Brigham was born Faith Elizabeth Huckabone, on May 14,1953 in Pittsburgh PA and is the third of seven girls born to parents Ernest Austin Huckabone, Jr. and Nancy Margaret Binder. The family lived in Pennsylvania and Illinois before moving to Florida in 1959. She attended various public schools before enrolling in class at parochial school in fourth grade.)

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I plunged forward feet first
as though born a rebel
I've crawled along
A wavering path
Learning early in life
That there was a
Kind of safety in silence
That saying nothing
To anyone anywhere
I could survive
Letting my actions
Tell the story
Of my troubled life

Faith Elizabeth Brigham

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