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I'm sorry I fell for you
I'm sorry I asked you out
I'm sorry you hurt me
I'm sorry we spent time together

I hate this
I hate not knowing
I hate the pain
I hate the lost feelings

She screams out in her dreams
to wake up to dry tear stains along her face
only to prepare to roam the halls
she tries to avoid at all costs

I looked into his eyes
and saw the fear I once held
afraid of the unknown
and simply curious

Its my life and my dreams
there it goes
watching it slip through my hands
like dirty glass


Blue is the brightness that shines through your eyes
your eyes are the things that looked into me and lied
so many times I have forgiven
and so many times I have cried

Im fighting back with all the strength you have left me
im giving the last battle my all
every thing you have giving me you have taken away
my weaknesses show and are advantages for the opponent

a motion so common to others
take the pain so others don’t
I did that for so long
I dug the hole deeper and deeper with every fight

yea I know I meant to
so what, it only hurt him a little
and me it was just plain fun


I plea guilty before you
go ahead take them away
imprisonment is only punishment for socialists
but for I its retirement


and ill hold my breath
as long as you hold my hand
and ill hold back the tears
if you hold your words

the lyrics roll off the tips of our tounges
looking for the right way to say how we feel

Every girl looks for the perfect guy
lucky me I found a prefect guy
but the thing is he is perfect for another girl
I found his qualities simple

Ripping tearing pulling shedding demolished
all what’s left of my internals
I stand above looking down on my body
too much for me handle

don’t you see, don’t you care, don’t you know
haven’t you noticed the smile on my face has faded away
and Im still here but without myself
Im standing by

I may miss him when im living
and im fine when im surrounded by my friends
but when left alone the pain comes in an overpowering wave
the splash affect takes my body by surprise

The once meaningful thing in my life is dissolving
the solution is DNA combined
sisterhood is bound to grow
love is no longer strong enough to stand tall

You broke the chain that was purest of love
you took an old rusted knife and carved at my heart

I am from the darkest of places
where no one sees the truth
where lies, fake and false combined as one
I am from the never ending circle of life

I broke him for another
to show him all my possibilities
and in the process of breaking him
I broke myself into a millions pieces

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im just a preson who gets angry with life and takes it out in writing, all i write explains how i feel. so if u dont understand its ok.)

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Im Sorry

I'm sorry I fell for you
I'm sorry I asked you out
I'm sorry you hurt me
I'm sorry we spent time together
I'm sorry I held on to you
I'm sorry we kissed
I'm sorry we loved each other
I'm sorry you lied
I'm sorry I wanted you
I'm sorry we held each others hands
I'm sorry we walked in the rain
I'm sorry we took pictures
I'm sorry we made memories
I'm sorry I hurt you
I'm sorry I wasted my money
I'm sorry you wanted to die
I'm sorry we drifted apart
I'm sorry we sneaked around
I'm sorry we both wanted it
I'm sorry I let go
I'm sorry you were undetermined
I'm sorry we had differences
I'm sorry I was so stupid
I'm sorry we wasted time
I'm sorry we every met
I'm sorry you cant leave
I'm sorry I couldn’t say no
I'm sorry I talked to you that first day
I'm sorry it will never end

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