Fallen Pieces

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Renaissance Of An Angel

I think about you all the time and my world suddenly becomes a pantomime
My ears go mute; my eyes go blind
I'm shot through the universe back in time
What a book of great memories; every page filled with serenity
that serenity that always you possessed; that infinity of happiness
My mind becomes a cloud of emotions; as my body loses control of all notion
The nausea starts; the spinning begins
but your face is always still.
You've reached the convex I solely fear; a convex which once was reality
You've been stripped from my side forever but your soul dwells in me
Despite previous engagements or past lovers that always were,
the truth is we always had one answer:
The truth that we loved.
You were born my lover and died my lover
I was born your lover and will die your lover
I will triumph through your everlasting belief in me;
and that smile you always bared
The eyes that always said so much and the touch that always ignited
Your name that will always haunt me and the ties that will always bind me
You took plenty of pieces with you when you parted ways,
but you took a huge chunk of me and with that I'm okay
You are my moon now, my angel in the skies
I know I'll one day meet you again so till then I will stare at the sky

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