Fanny Howe Poems

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Three Persons

The fields are infertile
as far as I can tell.
Their winter systems
sparkle like the diamonds


Loneliness is not an accident or a choice.
It's an uninvited and uncreated companion.
It slips in beside you when you are not aware that a
choice you are making will have consequences.

Now I Get It

Remember judge and you shall
Be judged
For laughing in school, for being
Stupid and always wrong.

Third Word from the East

In my sleep Mohammed spoke
and I woke up
struggling with equipment

Far and Away [excerpt]

The rain falls on.
Acres of violets unfold.
Dandelion, mayflower
Myrtle and forsythia follow.


From no nowhere not near the sea
on blue field flax
the cemetery's absolutely solitary
you and you and a third

Twang they. And I incline this ear to tin.

If my fingers could twang
the guitar as before they
would not be what they are and
neither would I. I
would be back in young-time. Incline
towards me, Gwendolyn, this
Monday, and lend me your ear
while I loll on my pillows to
turn your songs from strings into tin.

Near Miss

I almost met you
On a Saturday
In Gloucester.
The wind blew easterly.
There was a jar of mums
On a table near the window.

Their yellows were calling
To each other.

Were put back
In the pencil drawer
Before I noticed your shadow.

Yellow Goblins

Yellow goblins
and a god I can swallow:

One Night in Balthazar

The hotel bar downstairs
was dirty and dark and almost empty
except for him whom I didn't know

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