Ramesh T A Fantasy Poems

Floating In Fantasy!

Dizziness engulfs the mind full as
Cloudy sky creates drowsy scene!
I feel like taken booze in the morn
Though breakfast is over as usual!

A Fantasy In Paradise!

"Is it dream or reality? " he is not sure lying on the bed;
He is not sure whether it is day or night too in that state!
Whatever it is, he is prepared to go to the full length of it;
Then he sees colourful lights rotating round him as in dream!

A Fantasy Of Nature!

In the freshness of morning glory
Walk I out to breathe fresh air...!
Sweet scent of yellow flowers are
A beautiful carpet on the road...!

Fantasy World Or Real World?

Fantasy World or Real World?

The things happening in the world makes all doubt
Whether are living in real world or dream world;

Fantasy World Of Dream!

Slumbering situation of the climate takes all romantic world;
It is like floating in a sort of fantasy world with dizziness;
Everywhere an enjoyable silence creeps in Nature as wonder;
Only in dream such a situation one can witness or in movies!

A Bright And White Fantasy!

Blue sea everywhere along with the shore of brown sand long
With cloudless blue sky and the blinding brightness of sun
The island like beach resort outside the city is a really
Calm and silent place to spend sometime in the holiday sure!

Love Fantasy Churned By Gyrating Dance Of Star Couples!

Moon shines bright as Halo of angels in heaven with her group
Of innumerable Stars twinkling like diamonds in the night Sky;
Is this Nature a personification of enchanting Sky damsel with
Her passionately coupled disciples promoting love everywhere?

A Fantasy World!

Superstition was ruling the minds of men in the past;
Then religion took upper hand to rule men in the world;
Philosophy brought truth to men to live enlightened life;
Science exposed superstition and dominates the world!

The Starry Night Sky Fantasy!

Is the starry night of the sky a dream or reality
Or is it a magic happening by the chain link of
Invisible gravitational pull and push by all Stars?

The Island Of Fantasy!

Dreams of subconscious desire drive home to an island of fantasy
To escape from disappointments, despair, dejection and destiny
That none and nothing can change for the advanced one in a field
Living among the mediocres and down to earth type ones forever!

My Favourite World Of Fantasy!

Becoming busy with creative activity
I find no time to go to Nature and
Lie down on green meadow or lawn
To watch blue sky with white clouds

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