Faran Khalid

Faran Khalid Poems

1. 'My Love' 5/27/2009
2. Memories 5/27/2009
3. Freedom 5/30/2009
4. 'Unique Truth' 5/30/2009
5. 'Aahhh! ' 5/31/2009
6. Don'T Give Up 5/26/2009
7. I Wish 5/26/2009
8. Internal Peace 5/26/2009
9. Hope 7/6/2009
10. 'Ponder' 7/16/2010
11. 'Disappointment' 6/2/2009
12. Time 7/2/2009
13. Life 7/5/2009
14. The Message 5/26/2009
15. 'Some Wishes Come True' 7/7/2009
16. 'Time Will Tell' 7/7/2009
17. 'Dreams' 5/26/2009
18. * Sachet Of My Dreams 7/13/2009
19. * A Marathon Between Life And Time 7/15/2009
Best Poem of Faran Khalid

* A Marathon Between Life And Time

The embryos
Shape into life
Like seeds
Grow into trees.
In the era of survival,
Home sapiens live
With different patterns.
Some like weeds
Consumed diversely,
Some like roots
Spread in strolling directions,
Some like fallen leaves
Make the soil fertile
And some like trunks
That shadow the land.

Vitality is a burden
With loads of work
And no rest.
Mishaps, broken hearts,
Cracked souls.
Pleasant memories,
Joys and cherishes,
All are competing
In the marathon of time.
Moments ripple
Make us cripple.
We ...

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Don'T Give Up


Hands are tightly bound
You are inside mound
Where there is no sound
Don't Give Up

Explosives are blown
Rockets are thrown

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