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Born in Paris, shifted to Karachi later. Farwa has a deep love of nature and a strong belief in the power of optimism, hope and faith.
She is currently studying psychology.

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It Is Better...

It's better not to wave your hand to some one and say 'Hi',
At the end if you want to say 'Goodbye',
It's better not to be anyone's friend,
if someday you mean to say 'here our relations end',
It's better not to ask someone for a warm hug,
If you mean to ditch like a bug,
It's better not to tell someone 'I love you',
if someday you aim to leave, saying 'for me there's nothing you could do',
It's better not to ignore but understand these things,
cause except pain and tears nothing it brings..

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Farwa Penpoint Popularity

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