Bernard F. Asuncion Father Poems

Give Me A Chance, O Father

J-ust give me a chance, O Father,
H-elp me renew my life;
A-side from the blessings,
Y-our love lets me free of strife.

Being A Good Father

A good father
Is a persistent provider;
Not only to his wife and son
But also to his daughter;

Father Alone

F-ather alone May twenty-second
R-emains immortal;
A-lmighty God above
N-ever dies for He's eternal.

Continue Serving The Father

C-ontinue serving the Father,
H-e will accept your worship;
E-arly morn third of July,
N-ew vow, you must keep.

Birthday Of My Wife's Father

R-eminiscing the day he was born
I-nduces joyfulness to his heart;
C-elebrating eleventh January morn
A-dds bliss to his emotional part.

Obey The Father Almighty

O-bey the Father Almighty,
U-sing faith, hope, and love;
I-n His holy name, serve the Lord God above.

Unto The Father Above

J-anuary thirteenth begins to break,
E-clipsing the shadows of the evening;
R-ejoice for the special moment,
S-ong of birthday is in the offing.

Ask The Father For Life's Crown

R-ain won't stop falling
U-nless clime turns fine;
B-ecause haze disappears,
Y-our birthday will shine.

The Father Time

The end will come to the mother nature,
On the day assigned by the father time;
The end words of lines will no longer rhyme,
The stars won't shine and the world will rupture.

Equal In The Eyes Of The Father

Equal in the eyes of the Father,
The chosen people are all the same;
We uphold the divine brotherhood,
Under the Savior Jesus Christ's name.

Will Of The Father

K-now the will of the Father,
Y-ou should find its great worth;
L-isten to the Lord's message,
E-arly Sunday February fourth.

Recognize The Father Almighty

R-ecognize the Father Almighty,
O-bey His holy command;
S-eek His righteousness,
E-arnestly hear to understand.

Dutiful Father

D-utiful father
A-ims to be a breadwinner,
D-oing all his best.

Words Are Not Enough To Thank You, Father

Words are not enough to thank You, Father,
Because of the faith that You have given;
We are enlightened by Your words of truth
That will lead us all to glorious heaven.

Treasures Of The Father


Almighty Father's Voice

V-oice of the Almighty Father
I-s powerful and clear;
V-icious lies are exposed, devil's deceit does disappear.

On The Will Of The Father

N-ight is about over,
E-arly light will shine;
D-awn begins to break,
Z-enith stays in the skyline.

The Almighty Father's Love

D-arkness begins to fade,
O-ne Saturday sees the light;
N-o more mist and haze,
N-ew dawn sets things

Almighty Father's Love

A-lmighty Father's love
B-elongs to the chosen people;
B-elievers of the true God
Y-earn to remain faithful.

Say A Prayer To The Father

S-ay a prayer to the Father
O-r God of heaven and earth;
L-et your heart glorify Him, on the day of your birth.

Try Our Best To Please The Father

Some seek not the Father's will,
For they don't want to serve Him;
They rely on their own knowledge
To take only what pleases them.

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