Hanna Abideen Poems

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Poetic Black And Blue Period

When has he left you?
Asked aunt Zuri.
'During autumn' I replied.
That night was not old enough to let out.

What Autumn Left?

Autumn leaves are refugees
Like my depressed grandfather
And diabetic grandmother
Who fled to turn fresh green hue

Silent Prayer

Know, O Baha!
I have had a long summer
In my younger days
I was put in a cage

Neither Curse Nor Praise

I was decomposed in treacherous hearts,
Before I could see the bewitching world.
Heartbeats augmented,
Brain waves detected.

Is There A Bleeding Heaven?

Holding a bunch of tulips plucked
From the vale of Kashmir,
Eight year old jumana sat on the kishti beside me.
I raised arms to greet the shepherd grazing

Blazing Embers

Follow hollow heart and reside in
It's darkest room made of sin.
Capture the facsimile of life
And stab with a witchy knife.

Rewards Of Spring

Over the bitter lyrics of winter
Permeates the sweet maytime.
Leaves sprouting on emptied trees
Tempting my poetry to fulfill desires.

An Open Window To Autumn

Autumn gales still caressing
Maple leaves wore crimson gowns,
Autumn promises you made is
Like withering maple leaves.

Faded Lonesome Dove

Letters of fading blackberry winter
Penetrating to my ocean of agony.
Replacing deep wounds hidden
beyond the whispering envelopes.

Autumn Days In Lithuania

Autumn days in Lithuania
Holding vibrancy of brilliant foliage
And spreading bliss and fragrance
Of dancing maple leaves

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