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When has he left you?
Asked aunt Zuri.
'During autumn' I replied.
That night was not old enough to let out.

Autumn leaves are refugees
Like my depressed grandfather
And diabetic grandmother
Who fled to turn fresh green hue

Know, O Baha!
I have had a long summer
In my younger days
I was put in a cage

I was decomposed in treacherous hearts,
Before I could see the bewitching world.
Heartbeats augmented,
Brain waves detected.

Holding a bunch of tulips plucked
From the vale of Kashmir,
Eight year old jumana sat on the kishti beside me.
I raised arms to greet the shepherd grazing

Follow hollow heart and reside in
It's darkest room made of sin.
Capture the facsimile of life
And stab with a witchy knife.

Over the bitter lyrics of winter
Permeates the sweet maytime.
Leaves sprouting on emptied trees
Tempting my poetry to fulfill desires.

Autumn gales still caressing
Maple leaves wore crimson gowns,
Autumn promises you made is
Like withering maple leaves.

Letters of fading blackberry winter
Penetrating to my ocean of agony.
Replacing deep wounds hidden
beyond the whispering envelopes.

Autumn days in Lithuania
Holding vibrancy of brilliant foliage
And spreading bliss and fragrance
Of dancing maple leaves

She weaved warmth of metaphors
To reside in his melancholic emotions
Art of healing wiping out his tears
She perked at least in his living poetry

She is a bleeding portrait
Living in the shadow of patriarchy
Pouring tears to an empty pot,
But not questioning meaningless existence.

The letters you sent me
Seems like a chunk of dust.
Would fire mind turning it to ashes?

Into the heaviness of unsaid tale,
Tears shedding likely to meet ocean
Hue of autumn painted me and thee.

Spring wore floral gowns
Winter wore snowy gowns
Autumn wore maple gowns
Aura of universe tempting stardust

Cologne of archaic books you sent
Still hold the aroma of your artistic soul
I ambled outta old library and
Peered at the dusty corner of the room.

They caged unwrapped melancholy of ours
And concoct boiling tears and sweat to mollify.
Downtrodden we're, making thou food!
Can thou imagine kisans become relics?

//Behind the diary she kept an envelope;
Behind the emotional note carries revenge//

' She was wholly tied up with ropes and

The whole village grumbled and blamed;
Trauma suffered was the reward of karma.
Molested child experienced departing
Footsteps of mirth yet craved rebirth!

Life taught to pretend like a clown,
Where genuine emotions aren't shown.
Empty canvas grabbed the paints
She herself reflected on its surface.

Hanna Abideen Biography

Fathimathul Hanna, an optimistic eighteen-year-old poet leading a bittersweet life, Is how I like to describe myself.Tears shed in far and near spur my pen into action, making me bleed all my fears, grief, protest and concern into words. Some say the mind is a prison and if it is true, then I'm an escaped convict.Whenever I write - turning my pen in the lock and breaking out of my jail.This transcendence makes me shed a light on the world by penning melancholy of many. I believe the art of living poetry can spread reddish in reality.)

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Poetic Black And Blue Period

When has he left you?
Asked aunt Zuri.
'During autumn' I replied.
That night was not old enough to let out.

The black girl sitting on the vanity
About to mix whitening creams dazed
Why should I mask poetic black?
She asked herself over and again.

Streets were dense with violent worded beliefs
Heavy the pain wars etched on paper
Beyond the lyrical black and white
Lies the abode of destructive dreams

My metaphors stepped out of the hell
Where humans blame dark skin a sin.
Sipping the bitterness of race prejudice
I walked away not to poison my soul.

I searched for inkpot to fill my quill
With blackest ink dried in sorrow.
I walked more and more to pluck the blue hue
Lies in the darkest of all hours.

Where did you go?
Asked aunt Zuri.
'In the autumn blues I fade away
Without taking off the dark skin' I replied.

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She fixed pieces of shattered soul Then rose like a phoenix from ashes Thus turned to a gulmohar in summer

If I begin to narrate about the altruistic soul I ever met, I'll die with a never end up phenomenal Treasured novel of her selfless love.. 'MOM'

You are that falling autumn leaf Glancing at me to bid a farewell

The moon sinking in the ocean has millions of unsung tales. Let the broken tales of the moon conceal my scars made by love

Light side of life is like a fairy tale Tells about how beautiful the life is! Dark side of life always fascinates me For which I realize how powerful I'm!

Why does the vintage fascinate me? 'Cause it can ne'er act like Octobers do in any season!

'When has he left you? ' psychiatrist asked. The poetess said: 'During autumn..'

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