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Ten lil fingers
Ten lil toes
One bright smile
And a cute lil nose

The hit of kerosene
As bourbon empties
Inside of me

I have spent many sleepless nights
but like the stars in the sky
we are not alone.

Have I told you how much I love you
Have I told you how much I care
Have I told you that I can not stop thinking of you,
That you are my air

Change will never treat you right
If you can’t make it right

Change your mind

Stumbling through the foggy haze
Lost and confused
Whisky in a bottle
Drinking to my end

Soaked in your memory
Entwined like a web

The rivers current

I trace your kiss around my lips

As I kiss you upon your brow

When my day is long,
When life hasn't been kind.
It is people like you
That frees my mind


Tell me more
I think we speak of the same thing
Not always accepted
but always sought out

In a cantina
In a smoke filled room
The aroma of sweat poured through the air
As Spanish guitars played the strings of my heart

Put on your halo of armor
And dig your heels in deeper
Stand upright and lean forward

Breathe me in when you sleep tonight
Let me flow through your body
Like the clouds in the sky

My brown banana
Is perfectly aged
Ripe with sweetness
Tender inside

The frost hardens the ground
As a the thunderous roar of a thousand
damned souls flooding the field.

In our room
the shimmering lights cast a glow
You are all I desire to know
My heart starts to race as it always does

The world conspires as we find our seats.
Spontaneously planned we began our feast.
Cheers and laughter, bubbly champagne.
In our soul we find our peace.

This evening I see the sun rise
As I dance with you I can't help myself but to smile.
As we twist and turn,
Life is about happiness

Federico del Corazón Biography

The mind is a playground of great imaginations, it must be explored! My most influential writers are: Rumi, Paulo Coelho and Kahil Gibran)

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Ten lil fingers
Ten lil toes
One bright smile
And a cute lil nose
The sweetest voice
I have ever heard
The sounds of Angels
And tweeting lil birds
You start my day
You bring me rest at night
You are my daughter
You are my life
As hard as I try
To teach you what is right
You have taught me more
About this life
You are my daughter
I always love you
Wrong or Right
Don’t worry
Don’t stress
Life always has its test
You are never alone
I will help you find the answers
To questions unknown
That is my job you see
To keep you safe with me
Everything you become
Is from everything WE have done
You are my daughter
I Love You unconditionally
Just the way you are

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Federico del Corazón Popularity

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