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We just met
We just talked
We have so much in common
He's so sweet


Sex is good
sex is fun
Doggy style or 69
Just for fun or getting paid

Wishing he was here
Wishing he was by my side
I need him
His baby needs him

Music plays but nobody listens to
me. 'Shut up' as I would hear
them complain.
While you cut your wrist and go

you may hate me because im brown.
you may hate them because they're white
you may hate all the world's colors, but
you must realize that

And this poem can't be finished
becauseit ends where it starts.
And as it's just beginning is
exactly where it parts.


When I was little
I thought I was his everything
I thought he'll always be there
by my side through everything

When 2 people
have shared
as much you and I have;
When we've opened up


Fucking hate this feeling
Why did he do this to
He said he loved me
Feel like I was forced

Kind heart. Never to be shown.
Maybe... you hate me. It's a secret
huh? ? ? Walking in the hallways oh wait
a hello? Byes walk passing door to door.

When I see your picture
you caught my eye
When we talk
my heart lights up with joy

LIving my life without you
It's hard
I need your love

I'm hurting
I'm scared
I want you here
beside me

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Im an awesome person to hang out but im the type of person that will be there for you no matter what! ! ! ! I've been through a lot in my life but i always look at the positive side no matter how bad it gets. I love to draw, write poems, write songs, especially sing, and do puzzles lol..... If you want to know more send me a message :))

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Is This Love? ? ?

We just met
We just talked
We have so much in common
He's so sweet
He's there when I need him
Can't wait to see him
I just met him but I feel
We known each other for years
He said he loves me
He's moving close to me
I want to hold his hand
I want to kiss his lips
Love to hear his voice
He wants a future with me
He asked me to marry him
I told him 'one day soon but not today'
I got butterflies when I talk to him
He's constantly on my mind
Will this feeling last? ? ? ?
I'm afraid to have another broken heart.....
But is this Love? ? ? ? True Love? ? ? ?

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Felicia Garcia Popularity

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