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Oh' Dear
I still remember those moments
when you said to me:
'your poetry is not just a poetry

Oh' Friend
Why you go away
Far, far from me
Often, that time

Oh my Prince!
I will be waiting for you
throughout the life...
You have stolen

in the calm and lonely night
a breezing wind sings a song
of quite unknown season of love...

In my book of life
there are so many pages of my past memories
being preserved
very carefully

Oh! my love,
to have you and to lose you
are like the two seasons
of the life...

Oh my love!
waiting for you a long way
am being reached
to the stage of life

the autumn fascinates
while our walking gently
on the dry out brown leaves

Some of the memories
are reserved for those nice moments...
when on the earth
the carpet of moonlight spreads all around

My love!
in the age of
such a fiery noon
you are

Firdaus Khan Biography

Firdaus Khan is known as the princess of the island of the words. She is a journalist, poetess and story writer. She knows many languages. She has worked for several years in Doordarshan Kendra and reputed newspapers of the country. She also edited several weekly newspapers and magazines. Her programs are broadcast from All India Radio and Doordarshan Kendra. She has also worked for All India Radio and News channels. She writes for various newspapers, magazines, books and news agencies of the country and abroad. She has been awarded many awards for excellent journalism, skillful editing and writing. She has also been participating in the Kavi Sammelan and Musashirs. She She has also studied Indian classical music. She was also an editor of the monthly Paigam-e-Madar-e-Vatan. Se is an editor in Star News Agency. There are also two news portal named 'Star News Agency' and 'Star Web Media'. She believes in spirituality and is associated with Sufism. She has written a book ' Ganga-Jamuni Sanskriti ke Agrdoot' based on the life philosophy of Sufi-saints, published by Prabhat Publishing Group in the year 2009. She considers her father late Sattar Ahmed Khan and her mother Shrimati Khusushudi Khan as their ideal. She has translated the national song Vande Mataram into Punjabi. It is notable that first of all, Firdaus Khan had addressed Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi as Shahzada. And since then, the term 'Shahzada' is being used for Rahul Gandhi. At present, She is translating the Quran Kareem in simple language. So that more people can read the Quran, understand and reach the message of the Quran to them. She also writes blogs. She has many blogs. Firdaus Diary and My Diary are her Hindi blogs. Heer is a Punjabi blog. Jahannuma is an Urdu blog and The Princess of the Words is an English blog. Rahe-Haq is her spiritual blog. Her poetry have the effect of making anyone her fan.But when she writes on the situation, her words will become more sharp than the sword. While her poetry has love, dedication, spirituality and purity, there are burning questions in the articles, which force the reader to think. She says about herself- My words reveal my feelings and my thoughts, because my words are my identity.)

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Book Of Love

Oh' Dear
I still remember those moments
when you said to me:
'your poetry is not just a poetry
but the spell of sacred book of love
learned by you at heart...'

And hence
I started thinking...that
your every word itself is like the Kalame-ilahi
which I wish to read perpetually
as like that of the Kalma...

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Sayeed Khan 24 March 2012

Firdaus......The Princess of words....... Beauty with brains....... I love your every word....... Best wishes.......

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Firdaus Khan Popularity

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