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1. Two, Understanding 1/6/2007
2. Dance 1/6/2007
3. Some Poetry For Me 1/6/2007
4. No Quest 1/6/2007
5. Sorrow 1/6/2007
6. Going Down 1/6/2007
7. A Touch 1/6/2007
8. I Lent Her A Knife 1/8/2007
9. Feeling Evoked 1/8/2007
10. Birthday 1/8/2007
11. My Rainy Days 1/8/2007
12. Crushing You 1/8/2007
13. What You Did To Me 1/11/2007
14. Miss 1/14/2007
15. To Anon 1/14/2007
16. Collapsed 1/14/2007
17. Blue Moon 1/15/2007
18. Make An Escape 1/18/2007
19. Stygian Night 1/15/2007

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Stygian Night

overtakes noon;
as shadows take flight,
demons race past the overcast dune.

the incipid cloud that is cast,
revives somber memories past.

hellish howls
fill the chilled air,
from the underworlds bowels.
the night is alight with dispair

penumbra night,
a million souls will feel your bite

an epic fight
and a vain struggle
against the nefarious knight
an ocean of blood, to-knight merely a puddle

a million die
each a martyr for their own soul
everyone cries
for the life that it stole

night has taken its...

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Two, Understanding

two minds click
cycling with a rythmic tick

two hearts unfold
telling tales untold

two souls intertwine
making sweet eachothers' time

two people stand above
sharing a newfound type of love

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