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In War-Time (An American Homeward-Bound)

Further and further we leave the scene
Of war - and of England's care;
I try to keep my mind serene -
But my heart stays there;

An Adieu

Sorrow, quit me for a while!
Wintry days are over;
Hope again, with April smile,
Violets sows and clover.

The Smile Of Rheims

'The Smile,' they called her -- 'La Sourire'; and fair --
A sculptured angel on the northern door
Of the Cathedral's west façade -- she wore

Better To Die

Better to die, where gallant men are dying,
Than to live on with them that basely fly;
Better to fall, the soulless Fates defying,

Song. "If Love Were But A Little Thing --"

If love were but a little thing --
   Strange love, which, more than all, is great --
One might not such devotion bring,
   Early to serve and late.

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Florence Earle Coates (July 1, 1850 – April 6, 1927) was an American poet born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She attended school in Lexington, Massachusetts sometime between 1864 and 1867 under the instruction of abolitionist and teacher Theodore Dwight Weld, who had "charge of Conversation, Composition, and English Literature," and would further ...

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