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To be in love with a second man,
Is not something hard to tame.

You don't fight, you don't hide

I will write it down,
I have to.
I will say it out loud,
I have to.

Ignited with hope, I saw her there,
A bliss of solitude across her face.
Her first achievement was her pride,
This gift of opportunity, her guide.

I miss you
When the nights are long,
I miss you
When I'm awake all alone.

I love him more than any love song I've heard,
I love him more than the tree loves the bird.

I love him like I love sunrise,

Hearken the song of its violence;
Once a lullaby for these thoughts,
Now a murderer of my sleep.

As I step into my mother's eye,
Slowly my reflection do I see.
I was the girl she had always longed for,
The one she holds, through thick and thin;

Longing for love but fearful to fall,
Eagerly waiting for a call;
Hoping for him, she dreamed of romance,
Whence to the rhapsody of love, they'd dance.

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I loved you as a stranger,
I loved you as a friend;
I love you as a lover,
I'll love you till the end.

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Death would be such a blessing, Than having to bear all these sufferings.

I blamed the words for deceiving me until I realized it's the pain deceiving them. For words may try their best, But this heartache will still win the race.

Let it all out, Let it all go; Cry if you must, cry if you're strong.

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