Kumarmani Mahakul Flower Poems

I Am A Flower Of Fragrance

I am a soul I am conscious power,
At each time I can reach top tower.
I know I am sent by God to bloom,
I am light ray I can break the gloom.

Holding the bitterness of truth and values,
This bitter gourd flower has bloomed,
Truth is power and wisdom is empowerment,
Yellow colour is symbol of victory,

Seven Hundred Flower Bunches

Growing wild in mind and thoughts
Forest of this universe is amazing
Beauty of nature embraces mind again
In lap of leaves and branches we see.

New Flower New Leaf

Dear trees morning breeze says
You feel this early dawn's mind
Wind is blowing to give freshness
As you give fresh oxygen to us.

Every Petal Of Flower Is Equal

You see this fragrant flower
You see that plain flower too
Sitting in lap of a branch
They share smiles each other.

Nectar Of Bitter Gourd Flower

Wildly grown with much greenery
This bitter gourd flower is waiting,
Watching weather of fresh morning,
This has kept tears of joy in emotion.

Soft Flower This Mind Is

This mind is very soft like petals,
Life flower this is very attractive,
Beautiful really this is of course,
Positive thoughts dwell inside.

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