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The Ark Upon His Shoulders

My husband did all this.We used to live
in a rambling kind of house with gossipy verandas.
Then he bought a stove, an iron stovewith a reservoir to it.
He always insisted it was bad luckto come in that door

The Tinajera Notebook

Through my torso, the smooth
diffusion of aguas ardientes. Another

The Moment When Your Name Is Pronounced

This high up, the face
eroding; the red cedar slopes

Voiced Stops

Summer's sweet theatrum! The boy lunges through
The kitchen without comment, slams the door. An


Good morning kiss. Their teeth glance. Clack of June
bugs against pane. On the porch a young man

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Sarabeth Overby 30 January 2021

Forrest Gander is brilliant

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Rahman Henry 17 April 2019

Congratulations, Dear Poet! Wishes for being The `2019 Pulitzer Prize-winning poet'.

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Forrest Gander (born 1956) is an American poet, essayist, novelist, critic, and translator.
Born in the Mojave Desert, he grew up in Virginia and has degrees in geology, a subject referenced frequently in both his poems and essays, and English literature. He spent significant periods in San Francisco, California, Dolores Hidalgo, Mexico, and Eurek ...

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