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The night is taken by the rain.

Someone came out of the mirror
in my lone bedroom and said:

At times and in some cases
Truth can be mixed with
Guile and guilt
Truth can be manipulated

Bangladesh, a safari for the rulers,

Where struggle for freedom and democracy
Never ends

The beauty, more covetable than the charm of breasts
Of a pretty woman, hidden somewhere in this world
Or in the dreams of a poet, yet to come;

I have a little experience of travelling the world.
I even don’t know how to jump
And never stood before a waterfall for real
But nowadays in my sleep

When I found myself dead in my dream
I was of 41 only and 64 is yours
You were happy enough to
Find a way for remaining crowned till '41

They seem not to stop
Piercing continous even the corpse
With sharp spears

It was
Christmas day

Hopeless days and dreamless nights
Go on
The wolf in you has dressed a lamb's dress

I'm wondered,

How many heirs of Hitler are there?

The graveyard silent by day
And garrulous at night
Is but my beloved land

You came,

Have your breakfast, lunch and dinner
From your own food you brought with

There is no one inside

By water
Over lands

I grew up
Under the shed of a stone
Lovely, silent or laconic,
The stone, gradully turns blue.



যে-পথ ফেলে এসেছিলাম ।। রবার্ট ফ্রস্ট
(The Road Not Taken / Robert Frost)

Rahman Henry Biography

Poet, Literary Critic, Translator of world Poetry and an author of 14 books of poetry from Bangladesh. Henry is The Editor of a poetry Magazine 'POET TREE'. His book of translated poems: 'Poetry Of Nobel Laureates' (in Bengali) is the first Book ever published in Bengali. Henry likes to introduce himself as a reader of World Poetry. Henry composes Ordinary Poems for extraordinary readers. He is fond of German football, South African cricket and Hindi films...)

The Best Poem Of Rahman Henry

Dynasty Of Arrogance

The night is taken by the rain.

Someone came out of the mirror
in my lone bedroom and said:

'I want to stay awake with you! '

It is dark outside and flooding insane.
The high ambition is down to the knee
And a dynasty of arrogance is diminished
like a straw going down the stream.

* Translated from original (Bengali) to English by RAZIA SULTANA

Rahman Henry Comments

Photon Roy 13 September 2015

You are in all sense an important poet of our Bengali Language. Go ahead sir, I want to read your works in more and more languages. Thank you. I wish you a lot.

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Rahman Henry 11 October 2015

@Sarker Thanks a lot, my dear.

8 1 Reply
Md. Ashaduzzaman Sarker 10 October 2015

So wonderful.............. keep it up..............

7 0 Reply
Rahman Henry 13 September 2015

so nice of you, dear!

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Photon Roy 13 September 2015

Thanks a lot my poet.

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Matt 04 February 2021


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Mr Augusto Miranda 25 March 2019

Saporooo, from Angola we were together in Japan Intellectual pro Perry training at HIDA

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Mahtab Bangalee 07 February 2019

রংধনু এসেছে আকাশের নীলাদ্রি বক্ষে করে তুলেছে রঙিন স্তরে স্তরে এ পথে হাঁটি আমি তোমায় দেখবো বলে দেখিনি আমি কবিতার রূপ দেখিনি আমি কবির স্বরূপ ছায়া তাই দেখতে আসি এ পথে হে কবি তোমার উদয়ন যে পথে কারণ - সত্য কবির কাব্য সাধনা তোমার কবিতার রঙিন ফ্রেমে

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Mahtab Bangalee 07 February 2019

Royal Task of an intellectual poet is serving to the native the poetic thought of the entire world. This greatest task is completing by the RAHMAN HENRY, THE BEST POET OF THE TIME IN TRANSLATION TO MOTHER TONGUE.

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Hassan Hayati 21 November 2017

Rahman taught me how to transfer the feelings we may receive from other languages to our mother tongue. Translation is the art of Rahman Henry.

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Rahman Henry Quotes

Our bashful poems are living At those rural townships, moving On hooded rickshaws, amid dirt

Cellphone: a luxurious misinvention of this century

Still, none can get rid of death; Everyday, gradually It grows a little throughout living bodies.

Rahman Henry Popularity

Rahman Henry Popularity

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