Francis Bret Harte

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Rating: 4.33

Francis Bret Harte Poems

Aspiring Miss Delaine

Certain facts which serve to explain
The physical charms of Miss Addie De Laine,
Who, as the common reports obtain,

Battle Bunny (Malvern Hill, 1864)

Bunny, lying in the grass,
Saw the shining column pass;
Saw the starry banner fly,
Saw the chargers fret and fume,

An Arctic Vision

Where the short-legged Esquimaux
Waddle in the ice and snow,
And the playful Polar bear
Nips the hunter unaware;

An Idyl Of The Road

First Tourist
Second Tourist
Yuba Bill, Driver
A Stranger

Artemis In Sierra

Halt! Here we are. Now wheel your mare a trifle
Just where you stand; then doff your hat and swear

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11 November 2014

And he smiled a kind of sickly smile, and curled up on the floor, And the subsequent proceedings interested him no more.

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Francis Bret Harte was an American author and poet, best remembered for his accounts of pioneering life in California.

He was born in Albany, New York, as Francis Brett Hart. He was named after his great-grandfather Francis Brett, and his family name was Hart. When he was young his father changed the spelling of the family name from Hart to Hart ...

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