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Francis Duggan Poems

1161. Arrogant People Have Never Been Rare 6/22/2008
1162. Arrogant People I Meet Every Day 3/17/2009
1163. Arthritic Johnny 1/13/2008
1164. Arthur O' Keeffe 8/18/2016
1165. Artic Waders 2/24/2008
1166. As A Claraghatlea Man 12/30/2009
1167. As A Boy And A Young Man 12/9/2016
1168. As A Friend To A Friend 10/30/2016
1169. As A Narcissist 1/10/2009
1170. As A Poet He's Celebrated 8/5/2008
1171. As A Rhymer 1/7/2010
1172. As A Rhymer As Such 8/11/2016
1173. As A Very Talented Person The Poet Of The Town 8/9/2016
1174. As A Young Man 7/15/2008
1175. As Aussie As Can Be 1/12/2009
1176. As Australia's First People They Always Will Be 4/13/2017
1177. As Bob Dylan Said 1/28/2009
1178. As Darkness Does Fall 6/19/2008
1179. As Dead As The Dodo 8/9/2008
1180. As Different As Can Be 1/10/2009
1181. As Different Can Be 9/16/2009
1182. As For Me 3/27/2017
1183. As For Me I Love Living 4/16/2016
1184. As For Me I'Ve Been Lucky 4/24/2009
1185. As For Those Who Worry 4/6/2017
1186. As Good As You Can Be 1/15/2017
1187. As Good As You Possibly Can Be 1/11/2016
1188. As He Drove Home From Work 4/13/2016
1189. As I Have Written In Rhyme 7/7/2016
1190. As I Walked On The Beach 7/31/2008
1191. As I Was Walking This Morning 11/14/2016
1192. As If Life Without Power 6/14/2008
1193. As If They Have Their Own Identity 5/20/2008
1194. As Is Said -new- 4/19/2017
1195. As Jer Long Used To Say 6/8/2016
1196. As Liars They Do Live 10/1/2016
1197. As Literary Power Brokers 4/26/2016
1198. As Long As 11/20/2008
1199. As Long As Others You Never Harm In Any Way 9/24/2016
1200. As Long As The Gift Of Memory 4/24/2009
Best Poem of Francis Duggan

Racism Is Around Me Everywhere

Of human ignorance I am almost in despair
For racism is around me everywhere
But like they say sheer ignorance is bliss
Just like Judas betrayed Jesus with a kiss.

Some people carry their honour in a flag
And of their Nationality they brag
They feel superior and they differentiate
And against those who are different they discriminate.

So many people still judged by their race
For such there never ought to be a place
'A fair go' those untruthful words I do recall
There is no such a thing as a 'fair go for all'.

Though we live in a so called ...

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It Is Only The Fear

With each passing day my life's journey's end near
But like most it is only the fear of dying that i do fear
But fear does not keep the life's Reaper away
And the young and the old are dying every day
And the Reaper who will claim the life from me will claim the life from you
And about it there is nothing that we can do
And the old saying the longer you live the sooner you will die
Is simply a fact and fact never lie
Most people like me do live in fear of death

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