Francis Duggan

The Man Of The Fifties - Poem by Francis Duggan

Conservative people are ruling this Land
And our Government leader their ways understand
They love him for his values and to them he appeal
He can read their thoughts and he know how they feel

On social and racial issues and he takes much pride
As one who takes the lead in upholding the cultural divide
The old ways of the fifties still with us today
We still hear of the us and we still hear of the they.

The us are the good guys they stand for what is right
And the they are less worthy their souls don't receive light
Their God he is different quite different to ours
And we have to separate the weeds from the flowers.

The man of the fifties looks up to the one who wears the crown
Suppose with someone to look up to you then can look down
All those who are different to us we treat differently
The poor have only themselves to blame for their own poverty.

All homosexual males and lesbians they do not fit in
May our God forgive them for their awful sin
For sex between the same sex in God's eyes is a damnable crime
They are as bad as the poetaster who pens slipshod rhyme.

Of all radical artists and writers we must feel aware
The damage they do to society is hard to repair
In their writing and art our values they attack
As conservative people we ought to fight back.

The man of the fifties does not like refugees
The poor Homeless and Stateless from war torn Lands overseas
Our migrants must be professional and preferably white
New races and cultures for our Country not right.

Our fifties style leader doesn't like the unemployed
He feels the poor jobless are lacking in pride
And the hardworking taxpayers must pay the bill
For those on disability benefits and the mentally ill.

Single mothers on benefits our leader does not like
And Workers Unions we don't need them since their favourite word is strike
But we need heterosexual married couples with children Christians preferably
We just want to return to what we once used to be.

Conservative people are ruling this Land
And our Government leader their values and needs understand
And he suits them better since he serves their need
And him and his party by them have been chosen to lead.

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, March 27, 2008

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