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'''Dr Francis Okechukwu Ohanyido''' a contemporary Nigerian Public Health Physician, poet, oral Historian, Essayist, and philosopher who has also carved a niche for himself an activist.

*He in the early 2000s he had theorised on possible digital ICT convergence with medicine or Telemedicine/eHealth and the possible deployment in Nigeria, as wel ...

Francis Ohanyido Poems


Haba, never shall my heart forget
The friends I found so kindly hearted
Nostalgic shall be the day we met
And dear shall be the morn we parted!

The Warrior’s Drum

I have heard it told
I have heard it said
Many times, in many folktales of old
That there was in ancient days

Smile Away The Pains

Though gray streaks of sorrow
Permeate our hearts

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