Frederic Lawrence Knowles Poems

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Love Triumphant

Helen's lips are drifting dust;
Ilion is consumed with rust;
All the galleons of Greece
Drink the ocean's dreamless peace;

On A Fly-Leaf Of Burns' Songs

These are the best of him,
Pathos and jest of him;
Earth holds the rest of him.

A Pasture

ROUGH pasture where the blackberries grow!—
It bears upon its churlish face
No sign of beauty, art, or grace;

A Song Of Desire

Thou dreamer with the million moods,
Of restless heart like me,
Lay thy white hands against my breast

Nature: The Artist

SUCH hints as untaught Nature yields!
The calm disorder of the sea,
The straggling splendor of the fields,
The wind’s gay incivility.

To Mother Nature

Nature, in thy largess, grant
I may be thy confidant!
Taste who will life's roadside cheer
(Though my heart doth hold it dear -

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