Bri Edwards Frustration Poems

Do kids, in school still use pencils?
Are there still stiff paper stencils?

Public computers came long after my birth, &...

Ads Add To My Frustration

When I struggled with this site's changes, I NEARLY burst,
and now I'm plagued with ads this day, which IS the worst
....time I've had here in a very long, long, LONGGGG, time!
I should have 'counted my blessings' along with the rhymes.

Poem-Hunter asks me for a "Nice Title" for my newest poem, BUT …
I can't write a ‘nice one', when I feel P-H has punched me in my gut!
What, in the ‘old format' on ‘submit poem' page, was called a 'topic', IS
now called "#hashtag", and "form" is now "genre". (there WILL be a quiz) .

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