Gabhriel Londe

Rookie [StrikeTheMadness] (November,1991 / Joplin, Missouri)

Gabhriel Londe Poems

1. A Real Crazy Person 8/24/2013
2. No Safe Words 8/28/2013
3. Internal Hypnotist 9/1/2013
4. Forward, Hut 9/2/2013
5. I See You 9/6/2013
6. Walk The Yard 9/14/2013
7. When Boog Went Bust 2/7/2014
8. Osage Beach (Here We Come) 6/28/2012
9. An Evening In Some Poet's Den (A Title Poem) 2/7/2014
10. All Of It 2/7/2014
11. Life Is Tough Everywhere 2/7/2014
12. The Free-Form Poet's Sedoka 2/7/2014
13. A Fight Well Fought Is Not Always Won 6/27/2012
14. It Is Night 6/28/2012
15. Resentment As The End 6/28/2012
16. At A Writer's Workshop 6/28/2012
Best Poem of Gabhriel Londe

At A Writer's Workshop

The stained dark beige walls stare at me.
They think they know me,
So they start to close in
To get a better look,
And I tell them to back off.

They don't know me,
No one in this room knows me,
But they think I am a poet.
I might be,
But I'm not even sure that I am.

What makes them so sure
That my front can be trusted?
If I hit the arrogant, foolish girl next to me
Over the head with her stack of half-used notebooks,
Will they then see me as something
Closer to who I am?

Probably not.
There are some poets
That would do ...

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A Real Crazy Person

“Who are you here to see? ”
The aging 40-year-old woman asked me
From across the small waiting room.
I told her which doctor
And she nodded and shut up
For a minute or so.
“What are you here for? ”
She asked.
“I’m here to make sure I’m real, ”

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