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Last night was bright
There were lights, drinks and pals

It's often easy to live life
When you want the 'every-other-person' life
Though a couple of challenges to face
Being like EVERYONE, you dont have to be too good


Green plants with sleek red petals
You may pick a flower up
Perceive it‘s lovely scent with appreciation
It‘s a symbol of the love of God:

The earth is blessed with drops of rain
Not too little to chill the air
Nor so much as to take me to farm on the morrow
Just that needed little

Gimme a lullaby Lord, gimme a song
Gimme a beautiful sparrow-like voice
Gimme a song never sung before
That I may sing to this sleeping child


There in good times
There through bad times too
Not to prop, no, to multiple pain

If you could be still a minute
If you could listen to yourself
To the midnight whispers-
The gentle whispers of the zephyr

The betrayer was yesterday, the pain is todayI tried to shoot at troubles heartI tried to convince myself that I didnt really love you afterallI tried to busy myself with other things-so to forget youBut everything I did, every step that I took, every decision was wrong

How about some quiet?
How about some respect?
Cast thy eyes in the sky at a late hour
If thou would not behold thrills

I love the harmattan, I love its winds
Skies bright without a trace of shady clouds
I love to see
The sentimental balled dance of pine trees

I tried to make it different with you
I tried to be a better person
I tried to let you know you meant a lot to me
Was I to know I was playing it all wrong?

I spoke with a homey yesterday
He is a writer -not a poet though
He and I are familiar with each other
He is the author of the novel 'Heart's Journey'

Give me a chance,
Give me a spot to stand,
In your world -in your heart-
Give me love that's mine to keep

Of the most beautiful things,
Of all the things we have here on earth,
The things which to the mind, give-
A satisfaction none could ever define.

My heart has never been broken,
And I've never really had a friend
I, infact, don't even know what love is
Yet, I sing it like I know it all

There was someone I loved
I felt lucky, happy, blessed
But I was young - naive
Certain things could not keep 'us'

I took from you everything I needed
And was full of it
I needed your love
You were here

Most times I wish -within me-
That I could have, before me, strings
Strings attached to my heart
To the inner most -darkest parts

Days have began their count
Rushing slowly -yet counting
On the morrow I may be gone
School is calling

Up n''s, two's Speedily was the sylph Sprinting fast and swift Like a wind blown silk So fast also was the air With the speed of a flair In n' outta her like a whirl To the halt: as she scoot Racing were hearts-Will she psych?
Will she bring home a gold Sphinx? Someone's overtaking her; Alas!
Now on high pace; hopping track fells
Faster n' faster-She's making a pair

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Last night was bright
There were lights, drinks and pals
Grins widened by thoughts of love
Flames in hearts of friends
A celebration written in the skies
Each star was a perfect rhyme,
But after midnight
We returned -all to our homes

At home, there wasn't a desire to sleep
Walking into my room -after bathe-
I suddenly felt so weary and lone
Like a certain force was over all of me
I tried to make it to my bed -it seemed far
I just sqat; leaned to the wall -head down
There had been a celebration out there with friends,
There was a depression in here in lonesome

Presently I had need to erase memories
'the rude messages in my inbox,
Outbox apologies, countless missed calls'
And the worst -the which I hate most
'the pretence; ' none of this should have this time
I'm 21, yet, fragile within as a child
Stay not for a plea in desperation,
Stay because you believe; but if not -walk.

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