Gail Grierson Poems

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A Single Rose

I walked among the flowers
To choose one just for you;
So many blooms to pick from,
Some in every hue.

Come Sit With Me

Come sit with me
And talk awhile
I'll tell you what I miss -
Your loving eyes,

If I Tell You

If I tell you how I’m feeling,
Will you tell me honestly?
If my heart sends out a message,
Will yours send one back to me?

The Sunshine In A Smile

Have you ever noticed
The brilliance of a smile?
A smile that’s meant for only you
Can make your day worthwhile.

I Need A Hug

I need a hug
I’m feeling sad
Am missing you today;
Would be so great,

Problem Solving

When I have a problem
And I don’t know
How to solve it,
I ask you for your input

Summer's Coming To An End

It won’t be too much longer
‘Til the school year starts again;
Days are flying faster now,
Summer’s coming to an end.

Before There Was Sunshine

Before there was sunshine
And warm summer haze,
Before there was leisure
And long, lazy days,

Summer Fun

The school year's coming to an end,
June is almost here;
Seniors taking their exams,
Graduation time is near.

Our Friendship

Our friendship happened instantly,
We met and something clicked;
Of all the people that I met,
You were the one I picked.