Gajanan Mishra

Gold Star - 237,839 Points (3rd April 19sixty / Tikapali, Patnagarh, Balangir, Odisha, India now at Tapobana, Titilagarh, Odisha, India)

Gajanan Mishra Poems

1. Mata Dia Haata Tekiହାତଟେକି ମତ ଦିଅ (Odia) -new- 8/22/2017
2. Lonely Street -new- 8/22/2017
3. Light Is Always There -new- 8/22/2017
4. I Respect All -new- 8/22/2017
5. All Fury -new- 8/22/2017
6. ଥୁଆ ଦୁଆରେ (One Kosli Poem) -new- 8/22/2017
7. Holy Thought -new- 8/22/2017
8. Gold Is Still Gold -new- 8/22/2017
9. All Yellow Gold -new- 8/22/2017
10. Odia Relics -new- 8/22/2017
11. Planted All -new- 8/22/2017
12. The Sky Walks -new- 8/22/2017
13. Lo, It Is Yours -new- 8/23/2017
14. In Your Life -new- 8/23/2017
15. ମଣିଷ, ଦୂରେଇ ରହ (Odia) Men, Stay Free 5/5/2017
16. Erect And Tall -new- 8/13/2017
17. Pure Lights -new- 8/13/2017
18. To Believe The Words -new- 8/13/2017
19. Peaceful We Are -new- 8/13/2017
20. Space Flows -new- 8/13/2017
21. Original Edition -new- 8/13/2017
22. Nameless -new- 8/13/2017
23. In Shadow In Light - My Life -new- 8/13/2017
24. Language, Voice -new- 8/13/2017
25. ନାଇଁ ନ କିଛୁ ଆରୁ କାଏଁ ବଏଲ? Two Kosli Poems -new- 8/14/2017
26. The Creator -new- 8/14/2017
27. In Arms -new- 8/14/2017
28. The Land We Possessed -new- 8/14/2017
29. I Think And What -new- 8/14/2017
30. Filled - Everything -new- 8/14/2017
31. New Love New Appearance -new- 8/15/2017
32. Seventy Years -new- 8/15/2017
33. Independence Day 2017 -new- 8/15/2017
34. Oh Yes, I Am Naked -new- 8/15/2017
35. I Speak Of Light -new- 8/15/2017
36. The Stray Dogs -new- 8/15/2017
37. We Are Not The Loser -new- 8/15/2017
38. A Women Says -new- 8/15/2017
39. ସ୍ତ୍ରୀଟିଏ କହେ (Odia) -new- 8/15/2017
40. Yet I'm Going -new- 8/15/2017
Best Poem of Gajanan Mishra

Why I Greet A Woman

I greet a woman
For beauty
In body and in soul
I know her heart
Is pure
I know love
Flows out from within a woman
I love woman
A woman takes
Optimistic view of life
I know
A woman's motto is
To love and be loved
I greet woman
Woman is capable
Woman can cook meals
Woman can decorate
The home in style
Woman can teach her kids
Woman never feels tired
I greet woman
Woman is strong and fit
Physically and within
Woman has confidence
Woman takes own decisions
And knows better
What is right for her
Woman has a mind of ...

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come and see where it is
you find dancing the sea.
Never find the sky loughing
somewhere in the city.
you find me without
size and shape
the rough road ahead.
come and see
I am missing
in the gitamandir.
And i am somewhere
on the bank of the ganga
where judge is there
to pass order
after the game over.

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